Prom Photography, Trash the Dress and Other Services

Somerset wedding photographer Paul Quayle is able to offer a wealth of other services based on his many years of photographic experience.

Prom Photography

I can offer prom and event photography with the same fantastic quality that I offer my wedding clients. We are able to bring along a full set of studio lighting to turn everyone into stars for a night.

Trash the Dress Photoshoot

If you prefer things a little bit more 'off the wall' (and I definitely do!) why not do something really different with your dress after the wedding and do a Trash the Dress shoot?. Jump into a muddy pond, hack it with a hedge cutter or wear it in a very strange setting. This can make an astonishing image for you to really stand out from the ordinary.

Boudouir Photoshoot

And if you really want to stretch your limits before getting married; well how about trying something a little bit more edgy? I can offer boudoir photography in Dorset and Somerset for those of a more adventurous disposition!

Boudoir Wedding Photography

Photoshop Services

Wessex Weddings are Photoshop experts and can pretty much deliver any concepts you may have. So should you have a wish for a jumping goldfish in your wedding photographs we can provide it. In fact to our knowledge no one else offers a jumping goldfish service at all!

Dorset Wedding Photography

Other Photography

I don't just do weddings. I do all kinds of photography from animal photography to venue photography. In fact if you have read the About Us page you will see that I am also a photo journalist who has travelled extensively and have had images and stories published around the world. I think this multitude of experience is a positive advantage to my wedding photography (but will let you decide when you look at it). However, it does mean that I can cover pretty much everything from a Christening or corporate event to a wedding in Tokyo (yes I've done that).

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